How much does it cost to Join? €300

Are there any hidden costs on top of the yearly membership fee?  No

Do I have to renew my membership at the end of my membership term?  No

If I decide to renew will I get a loyalty discount? Please refer to the clubs terms and conditions for full details of the club discount

Can I buy a membership for someone else? Yes

Can I choose which date I wish the membership to start on? Yes

What is the cost of a stable visit to see the horses? It is included in your membership fee

Is there a limit to how many members can be in the Club? Yes, we have a cap in place of 2,000 members. However, the number of horses will increase as the club membership grows. See details of that in the next question.

Will the number of horses always be 2? No. The club started with 2 horses. When membership increases to 400 another horse will be added. Then for each additional increment of 200 members above that we will add another horse until we reach the maximum number of members of 2,000. With 2,000 members the number of horses will have increased to 11 as shown below:

Do all members receive entry to paddock/winners enclosure? Members can apply to be entered into the ballot for badges whenever a club horse runs. How many badges are assigned to each runner varies from course to course. There are no guarantees of a ticket if we have many of the club members wanting to attend but we always make sure they are distributed fairly through a ballot. We use a ballot to ensure that everyone has a chance to attend.

If I have been successful in the ballot where do I go for my badges for the day? AIR passe will be left at racecourse reception

Are members entitled to discounted entry to racecourses if I am not lucky enough to secure a place on the day when our horse runs if I show my membership card at the gate? The club will endeavour to get a discounted entry to the racecourse when we have a club horse running, each racecourse has different rules so this will have to be determined on a case to case basis

What happens if a club horse is sold or is no longer able to race? The club leases the horses and as a result members are not entitled to any money from the sale of the club horse.

If/when buying a yearling or a horse and they haven't been named are members involved with the naming of the new horse? Yes, a competition will be held, and the committee will decide the winning name.

How will upcoming events and information be passed on? Through a secure and private members area on the website, newsletters, club app or email.

Any long term goals?  Long term aim is for the club to increase the calibre of horses we have. Get plenty of winners for all of the club members to enjoy and be part of whilst having fun along the way with likeminded people.


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