Examples of benefits enjoyed by members include the following 
(Full details can be found in section 3 of the Club Agreement). 

Be Associated With the Club’s Horses - Members have the opportunity to be associated with the club’s horses and share in their journey both on and off the racecourse. 

Share of Prizemoney - Members will share in the prizemoney won by the club’s horses. See section 9 of the Club Agreement for details. 

Stable Visits - Members have the opportunity to visit Darren’s stables and see the club’s horses first-hand. There is no obligation for any member to attend but it is a great experience and a good way to get to know other members of the club. 

Membership Pack - Members will receive a free welcome pack which includes some lovely branded club merchandise. 

Membership Card - The welcome pack contains a club membership card with a unique number assigned to each member. There is no extra charge for the membership card. It is part of your membership fee.

Club App - The app is exclusive to members and is free of charge. 

Social Media Feeds - The club will have regular updates on our Twitter, Vimeo and Facebook feeds. 

Trainer - Our trainer, Darren Bunyan, will provide regular updates including pre and post race updates on the Club App. 

Members Area of Website - All members receive a login to our members area which contains lots of interesting information and features. 

Magazine - This is a regular feature which will inform members on any important club news. The magazine will be available to members online Via a emailed link and link placed in the club app.

Loyalty Discount - Upon completion of the 1st year of membership a member qualifies for club discounts. After that 1st year the renewal for the 2nd year will have a 10% discount. That discount will increase by 5% in each subsequent year up to a maximum total discount of 50%. 

Potential Naming of Club Horses - Where a club horse has not already been named members can participate in a competition, exclusive to members, to choose a name for the horse. 

Photos & Videos - Members will receive free digital photos and videos of the club’s horses and club events. 

Owners Badges & Tickets - Entry into a club raffle for owners badges & racecourse entry tickets when the club has a horse running. 

Club Events - in addition to stable visits and race days, members will have the opportunity to get together with other club members to enjoy other aspects of the industry e.g., stallion trails. 

Lots of Ideas In The Pipeline - the Club Executive Committee have many other exciting ideas to bring to the members in the future.   


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